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USB-C | 35W | Power Delivery PPS | GaNFast | for Apple and Android
  • USB-C 35W Power Delivery PPS charger
  • Powerful charging performance in a compact design with GaNFast technology
  • Supports fast charging for latest generation Apple MacBook Air models, iPhones and iPads
  • Supports fast charging for Android devices
  • Automatically stops charging when battery is full
Charge your smartphone, tablet or MacBook Air with the AC2135 USB-C 35W Charger. The AC2135 has Power Delivery PPS for efficient charging. This powerful yet compact USB-C charger is easy to carry and works with Apple and Android smartphones/tablets and MacBook Air. The charger automatically stops charging when the battery is full.    

Works with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets
Connect your Android smartphone/tablet or the latest generation iPhone/iPad to the ACT 35W USB-C Fast Charger to charge your device up to 70% in just 30 minutes. The AC2135 can be used to charge your latest generation Apple MacBook Air.

Power Delivery PPS
The AC2135 charger supports Power Delivery PPS (Programmable Power Supply). PPS ensures the most efficient charging of your device by adding additional charging profiles. Charging is dynamically adapted to the needs of the device. Efficient charging generates less heat and prolongs battery life.

GaNFast technology: compact yet powerful
The AC2135 USB-C charger features fast charging GaNFast technology. This means that Gallium Nitride is used as the semiconductor. This results in efficient and high power in a compact housing with minimal heat dissipation.

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