Kaartlezer Trancend SD/Micro SD usb 3.0 zwart


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Transcend  Transcend Cardreader SD/Micro SD – USB 3.0 – Zwart


Versatile card reader for SD and microSD cards

Featuring double card slots for both your SD and microSD memory cards, the RDF5 handles most of your daily needs for transfering data between your cameras, phones, and PCs.

Note: The reader does not support simultaneous insertion of SD and microSD cards.







Higher speeds, higher efficiency

Equipped with the USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface, the RDF5 card reader shows amazing transfer speeds, much faster than what you’d get with USB 2.0! Not only will the RDF5 handle your high-resolution images and videos with ease, but it also has an LED indicator to show card insertion and data transfer activity.

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